Finally back at it

What happened? My legions of readers (which often number more than zero) must be worried. I haven’t posted in over 6 months. I mean, I don’t have a job, so I should have all the time in the world, right. Actually, not so right. Over the last 6+ months, I have been doing the following things:

– Got heavily into golf during the summer and early fall. I joined a league, played every week, and practiced 2-3 times per week. I wasn’t very good, but I sure as hell had a good time.

– Continued trying to become somewhat competent in French. Was part of a group that met once per week, took a class in the fall, and am taking another one now (can’t get away from homework, even at my age). Also spent 3 days participating in a French immersion exercise. I have a ways to go still, but I have improved, which tells me that my brain is still functioning.

– Joined a book group. I have been reading a fair amount for a couple of decades, but by participating in this group, I have read books that I normally wouldn’t read, which has opened my eyes a bit, plus we discuss each book at the monthly meeting, so you have to read actively.

– Went on a great trip to Europe. It was a cruise that left from Stockholm, stopped in Helsinki, St. Petersburg (for 2 days), Tallin (Estonia), and Germany, and then ended in Copenhagen. We stayed over in both Stockholm and Copenhagen to spend some time in those cities. It was one of the best trips of my life. However, it was the beginning of my blogging issues in 2 ways; 1) I was planning to live blog the trip, but the internet signal on the ship was too weak for me to be able to do it, 2) I did take notes and planned to make a post after I returned home, but somehow I lost the notebook that had all of the notes (and a number of other potential blog posts). This both depressed and derailed me since I lost a lot of important information., and this started the blog slump.

– Fall was, of course, football season, and I was pleasantly surprised by the success of the Ravens. Amazingly, they kept getting better and better as the season progressed until, unfortunately, it all came crashing down in the playoff loss to Tennessee. But one of the net results was to divert my attention away from blogging.

– And more recently, relocation became my biggest passion. My wife, younger daughter, and I are moving about 90 miles to be closer to my older daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter. This involves (in our case) a major cleanup job dealing with tons of clutter in my house. We’ve been working on this for about 2 months now. We also began looking for and have found a new house to move into. All we need now is to be able to figure out how to finance all of this.

And of course, there’s lots of day-to-day stuff (we have 2 dogs, for example as well as a yard that needed to be tended to and lots of other stuff we all have to do).

Clearly, there is nothing profound here, so why did I write this? Well, first of all, one mess has been disentangles, that being my inability to work at this blog for the last 6 months. And there is also another point; any chance of me being bored or having not enough to do is absolutely moot. There may not be as much pressure on me as there was when I was working, but I have been as busy as I have ever been. I still have a decent list of things to get to that I haven’t have enough time to tackle. And I am as happy as I’ve been in a long time. So don’t be afraid of the future. And expect to see more posts from me in the very near future. I have things I want to say, and I hope at least a few folks who want to read about them

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